HERA funded our new research project .

HERA funded our new research project .

€1m grant to study the cultural role of the consort 1500-1800

HERA (Humanities in the European Research Area) funded our new research project "Marrying Cultures: Queens Consort and European Identities, 1500-1800".

The Collaborative Research Project (CRP) will investigate the transnational cultural encounters that took place between 1500 and 1800 whenever a monarch took a foreign bride. The CRP will examine these consorts’ influence in a series of case studies that reveal the interconnexion between European territories and their cultural symbiosis and will demonstrate how Denmark,  Finland, Poland, Portugal and Sweden are vital agents in the construction of European identities together with Britain, Germany, Italy, and Spain. The CRP’s objectives are: 1) to elucidate the distinctive cultural contribution of early modern consorts; 2) to demonstrate the resultant lasting and reciprocal cultural influences between the territories concerned; 3) to peel back the modern map of Europe with its discrete nation states to reveal an  earlier one with different linguistic, cultural and political borders to those of today; 4) to investigate to what extent the cultural encounters the CRP charts led to cultural innovation; 5) to discuss the place of the consorts studied in national cultural memory; and 6) to develop with colleagues from museums, libraries and palaces ways of conveying an understanding of these cultural encounters to the general public.

The CRP will be implemented by a Project Leader from the UK, Principal Investigators from Germany, Poland and Sweden, 2 postdocs and 2 PhD students, one in history and one in music, working with museum curators and drawing on the expertise of other international specialists. The CRP members will meet 8 times at 4 workshops and 4 research labs, with a pre-project meeting in June 2013 funded by Oxford University. The projected outcomes are a website with material both for specialists and the general public, a special issue of an academic journal, an edited book, refereed articles by each of the CRP members, 2 doctoral theses, a public concert, an educational game, museum and schools modules, an exhibition and, under negotiation, a television series.

Picture: Maria Amalia, Princess of Saxony, Queen of the Two Sicilies (1724-1760) in Polish Dress, holding a miniature of her husband, Carlo VII, King of the Two Sicilies.

The project Marrying Cultures. Queens Consort and European Identities 1500-1800 is financially supported by the HERA Joint Research Programme (www.heranet.info) which is co-funded by AHRC, AKA, BMBF via PT-DLR, DASTI, ETAG, FCT, FNR, FNRS, FWF, FWO, HAZU, IRC, LMT, MHEST, NWO, NCN, RANNÍS, RCN, VR and The European Community FP7 2007-2013, under the Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities programme.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 291827.

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