Funding from SASUF! .

We have just received 100.000 sek for the project "Who runs the world? Women and Informal Finance, Now and Then". 

This interdisciplinary project examines the world of informal credit transactions by comparing actual practices in South Africa with the ones in the European past with special reference to women’s role and activities. Furthermore, this project looks at how informal credit transactions are handled, a question related to sustainable development. We are interested in unveiling not only the economic importance of informal credit transactions but also and perhaps more importantly its social significance for local communities. We will focus mainly on female agents. Women, today and in the past, were key agents in these transactions and networks. We argue that these markets give women greater latitude of actions and empower them. The outcome of this project are: a shared seminar, a documentary video and a joint article. Projects participants are Unathi Kolanasi, Annika Manni, Igor Martins and Ishmael Iwara.