Human Economy Project

The Human Economy Research Network

The HERN is a forum and an incubator of ideas where scholars from diverse disciplines think together about how to improve men and women’s lives. Historians, philosophers, anthropologists, political scientists, sociologists, economists and other social sciences and humanities scholars interested in human economy will find a place to exchange ideas, debate and propose alternative and innovative solutions to important societal questions related to the economy. Together, they will identify, interpret and explain current issues. Among the research clusters featured predominantly through the HERN, one will be able to find debt/indebtedness, inequality, poverty alleviation, sustainable development and gender equality.

One of the major outcomes is to propose valuable data and insightful reports to policy makers and non-governmental organizations but also offer information to the public. The research produced will lead to better political decisions, well-informed citizens and will serve as a leveller to make a societal and economic impact.

FIRST PILOT PROJECT: 'Who Runs the World?!' Women and Informal Markets in South Africa (2018-2020)

See also the international symposium Informal Financial Markets: Now and Then

SECOND PILOT STUDY: The Future is Female: Empowering women in South Africa (2019-2020)

THIRD PILOT STUDY: Försäkringskassan and the Citizens: A case of institutional betrayal? (in progress)