Lecturer, Stockholm University

EHI, Great Transformation (economic history), 7,5 ECTS

Lecturer, Umeå University, Sweden

History of Food and Wine, 7,5 ECTS, Advanced level. Online course. 2018-onwards.

Women and Gender in Early Modern Europe, 7.5 ECTS, Advanced level. Online course. 2016-present

Milestones in Swedish History: The Early Modern Period, with Professor Svante Norrhem. Spring 2013 and Fall 2013 (Internet based course).
Spring 2014.

2015-present: A and C course

Visiting Lecturer at Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany, May 21-27, 2011

May 25: Talk titled "Peasants, Credit and Patriarchy in Early Modern France"
May 26: Lecture titled "Theory and Practice of Patriarchy in Premodern Europe" in Dr Burschel's seminar in historical anthropology

Teaching Assistant (HIST 103 and 104 Medieval History Survey and Western Civilization Survey), Purdue University, Department of History, 2006-2010

I attended lectures, assisted in syllabus development, graded assignments, co-developed quizzes and tests, and lectured on various topics.

Instructor (HIST104, Western Civilization Survey 1500-present), Purdue University, Department of History, Summer 2007 and Fall 2009

I developed the syllabus, lectures, activities, assignments, evaluation criteria, quizzes and tests, graded assignments, created evaluation for the course, created evaluation sheets for individual papers, used new technologies such as Twitter and Blackboard, and recorded podcasts and videos for the course.

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Statement of Teaching Philosophy

»  Statement of Teaching Philosophy oct 2010.pdf (PDF, 57.3 Kb)